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[gfarm-announce:00002] Gfarm Version 1.0b2 Available

Hello all,

The Grid Datafarm team is pleased to announce the release of Gfarm
Data Grid middleware, version 1.0b2.  Gfarm is a reference
implementation of the Grid Datafarm architecture designed for
Petascale Data-intensive computing.  It provides a global file system
using local disks of cluster nodes, and supports data-parallel
execution via file-affinity scheduling.

The software can be downloaded from: http://datafarm.apgrid.org/

Bug tracking system will be available until the end of May.

Release note for Gfarm 1.0b2


Updated Features

 * Client commands

   (gfreg) A new feature is added to register multiple local files.

   (gfrun) The executed process can be suspended or executed in the

   (gfrcmd) A delegated credential is exported to be delegated by a
            invoked child process by gfrcmd.

 * Servers (gfsd and gfmd)

   Information about authentication and disconnection is now logged.

 * Parallel I/O Library

   Only available filesystem nodes are selected by every command.
   Node selection algorithm by load average is improved.

   gfs_pio_{open,create} and gfs_pio_set_view_{local,index,global} are

 * Documentation

   (README.hook) An example of static compilation with the Globus
                 library is added.

   (INSTALL, GUIDE) Examples of the gfreg command are updated.

   (Gfarm-FAQ) Deleted the item 2.1, and added a new item 2.1.

 * Bug fix

   (gfls) Changed an inappropriate error message from "not a
          directory" to "no fragment information".

   (gfrep) A bug of buffer overrun is fixed.

   (gfsd) Resource and memory leaks are plugged.

   (gfmd) Resource and memory leaks are plugged.
          A minor race condition is fixed.
          Fix a bug which made gfmd core dump at authentication failure.

Osamu Tatebe, Ph.D.   Tel: +81-29-861-5844  FAX: +81-29-861-5301
Grid Technology Research Center,
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
AIST Tsukuba Central 2, 1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 3058568 JAPAN
E-mail: o.tatebe@xxxxxxxxxx     http://www.hpcc.jp/people/tatebe/