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[gfarm-announce:00003] Gfarm Version 1.0b3 Available

Hello all,

The Grid Datafarm team is pleased to announce the release of Gfarm
Data Grid middleware, version 1.0b3.  Gfarm is a reference
implementation of the Grid Datafarm architecture designed for
Petascale Data-intensive computing.  It provides a global file system
using local disks of cluster nodes, and supports data-parallel
execution via file-affinity scheduling.

The version 1.0 beta 3 release includes

 - Gfarm file system browser - gfront
 - fault tolerance against disk crash on file system nodes,
 - (temporal) implementation for directory manipulation commands such
   as gfmkdir, gfcd, gfpwd, and gfrmdir,
 - performance improvement of GSI authentication,
 - verbose error message for GSI authentication,
 - profiling support for Gfarm parallel I/O APIs, and
 - binary package for Debian sarge

The software can be downloaded from: http://datafarm.apgrid.org/

Bug tracking system is also available now.

Release note for Gfarm 1.0b3


Updated Features

 * Client commands

   * New command

   - gfcd, gfpwd, gfmkdir, gfrmdir
   - gfront --- Gfarm file system browser.

   * New feature


   - Enhanced the host selection to schedule hosts which can run a
     specified program.
   - Added -u and -g options to manually decide to pass gfarm specific
     command-line options or not.
   - Added the -v option to display GSSAPI major and minor error
   - Added the -p option to profile Gfarm parallel I/O APIs.
   - Added the -r option for on-demand replication.
   - Added the -I option to specify an index name explicitly.  This
     option is effective only with the file-affinity scheduling.


   - Added a feature such that gfhost selects hosts that the user
     successfully logs on.


   - Supported a special case for replicating a Gfarm file with only
     one file fragment.  In this case, the file can be replicated by
     specifying only the -d option.


   - Added the -D <domain> option to limit filesystem nodes within the
     specified domainname.


   - Added the -p <program> option to restrict the selection of hosts
     that can run the specified program.
   - Added the -N <#nodes> option.
   - Added the -U option to retain old behavior (i.e. do not check
     whether the user can log in or not.)


   - Added a functionality to execute .bashrc at login time.
   - Added the -v option to display GSSAPI major and minor error


   - Added -G <Gfarm file> and -N <# nodes> options.

 * Parallel I/O Library

   - [Fault tolerance] When a file to be opened is missing for some
     reason, try to open another file replica.
   - [Fault tolerance] Only filesystem nodes the user successfully
     logged on are selected by every command.
   - [Performance] Employed better process scheduling.
   - [Performance] Improved the overhead of GSI authentication and the
     performance of data transfer with GSI.
   - [New feature] Host alias name can be specified as a hostname.

 * Syscall hooking libraries

   - Added an entry to hook utime().

 * Configuration file

   - '*' can also be specified in a host specification part that means
     all hosts.  'ALL' will be deprecated.

 * Documentation

   (README.hook) Added a section for C++ programs.

   (INSTALL) Updated the description.

 * Bug fix


   - Fixed a bug when hooking lseek64 on linux.
   - Fixed a bug such that a Gfarm file is occasionally deleted.


   - Added a missing error condition.
   - Fixed memory leak at LDAP access that is not described in
   - Fix an off-by-one error that may cause core dump.


   - Fixed a bug such that gfsd that executes a user process cannot
     terminate and consume 100% of CPU when the invoked gfrcmd is
     already terminated before that.

Osamu Tatebe, Ph.D.   Tel: +81-29-861-5844  FAX: +81-29-861-5301
Grid Technology Research Center,
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
AIST Tsukuba Central 2, 1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 3058568 JAPAN
E-mail: o.tatebe@xxxxxxxxxx     http://www.hpcc.jp/people/tatebe/