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[gfarm-announce:03962] GfarmFS-FUSE version 2.0 release

Dear all,

A new release of GfarmFS-FUSE version 2.0 is now available for download.


GfarmFS-FUSE allows application programs to access a Gfarm filesystem
without being modified.  This is accomplished by FUSE (Filesystem in
Userspace) functionality.  GfarmFS-FUSE is an alternative to the way
of using the Gfarm system-call hook library.  In particular, 
GfarmFS-FUSE resolves some limitation of Gfarm in itself.

The version 2.0 newly supports automatic file replication, which is
implemented in the GfarmFS-FUSE layer.  The source package contains 
test suites which tests if GfarmFS-FUSE works correctly on user's
Gfarm environment for production use.

If you have any questions about GfarmFS-FUSE, please send email to


Yusuke Tanimura <yusuke.tanimura@xxxxxxxxxx>
Grid Technology Research Center, National Institute of AIST
1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba Central 2
Tsukuba City 305-8568, Japan
TEL: +81-29-862-6703  / FAX: +81-29-862-6601