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[2007/03/16] GfarmFS-FUSE version 2.0
Add -N option for auto replication.

1. GfarmFS-FUSE

GfarmFS-FUSE enables you to mount a Gfarm filesystem in userspace via FUSE mechanism.

GfarmFS-FUSE does not require the glibc-not-hidden package and LD_PRELOAD setting for existing binary applications to access a Gfarm filesystem. It resolves limitation of redirection in overwriting or appending an existing remote file via the Gfarm syscall hook library. It also allows you to use a symbolic link and a hardlink. These operations are emulated in GfarmFS-FUSE.

2. Copyright notice

3. Installation

To build GfarmFS-FUSE, development packages of Gfarm version 1.2 (or later) and FUSE version 2.2 (or later) are required. (Gfarm version 1.4 or later and FUSE version 2.6.3 or later are recommended.)

Installation steps of GfarmFS-FUSE:

    $ ./configure [options]
    $ make
    $ make install

For details, refer to README.

4. Mount

To mount a Gfarm file system, run these commands.

    $ mkdir /tmp/fuse
    $ gfarmfs -sl /tmp/fuse

The -s and -l options enable symbolic link and hardlink emulations, respectively. For details, refer to README.

5. Download

gfarmfs-fuse-2.0.0-1.src.rpm (SRPM)
gfarmfs-fuse-2.0.0-1.fc5.i386.rpm (Fedora Core 5, i386)
gfarmfs-fuse-2.0.0-1.fc6.i386.rpm (Fedora Core 6, i386)
gfarmfs-fuse-2.0.0-1.centos4.i386.rpm (CentOS 4, i386)

6. Bug Tracking System

The Grid Datafarm project maintains bug tracking systems in English (SourceForge) and in Japanese (Bugzilla).

7. Email lists

The Grid Datafarm project maintains several mailing lists for announcement and discussion about the Gfarm Data Grid middleware and its applications. We recommend you to subscribe to at least gfarm-announce ML.

8. Comment

If you have any question or comment, feel free to send email to gfarmfs at gmail.com.

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