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1. Access to Gfarm File System via Gfarm syscall hook library

Gfarm syscall hook library enables to access Gfarm file system as if it were mounted on /gfarm.

Using operating systems having a capability of preloading shared libraries such as Linux, *BSD, and Solaris, every existing (binary) program can access Gfarm file system without any modification. Otherwise, re-linking with the syscall hook library is needed to access Gfarm file system.

For a system that uses glibc such as Linux, glibc-not-hidden package is needed to be installed to enable to hook necessary system calls properly. (*BSD does not require glibc-not-hidden package.)

For FreeBSD 4.X or earlier, or NetBSD 1.X or earlier, the preload mechanism does not work with commands in /bin such as ls, mv, and rm, since they are statically linked. To create dynamically linked commands, follow the description in README.hook, or use the following precompiled binaries;

Updated on June 14, 2006 (Added commands in /usr/bin)
FreeBSD-4.11/i386 dynbin.tar.gz (The old package is here)
NetBSD-1.6.2/i386 dynbin.tar.gz (The old package is here)

For details, refer to README.hook.

2. Download of glibc-not-hidden

When you are using glibc typically in Linux, it is necessary to install glibc-not-hidden package to enable necessary system calls to hook properly. The change is basically in a version script for ld to add necessary symbols (__lseek64, __access, __getdents, and __getdents64) to the dynamic symbol table.

2.1 RPM

[ CentOS 4 ] (Updated on Sep. 27, 2006)
[ Rocks 4.1 | Rocks 4.0 | Rocks 3.3 | Rocks 3.2 ]
[ Fedora Core 6 ] (Updated on Feb. 21, 2007)
[ Fedora Core 5 ] (Updated on Feb. 15, 2007)
[ Fedora Core 4 : glibc-2.3.6-3.fc4 | glibc-2.3.5-10.fc4 ]
[ Fedora Core 3 : glibc-2.3.5-0.fc3.1 | glibc-2.3.4-2.fc3 | glibc-2.3.3-74 ]
[ Fedora Core 2 ]
[ RedHat 9 | RedHat 8.0 | RedHat 7.3 | RedHat 7.2 ]
[ SuSE 8 ( glibc-2.2.5-233 | glibc-2.2.5-213 ) ]
[ Scientific 3.0.5 ]
[ Vine 3.1 ]

2.2 Debian

We have no plan to provide this binary package for the latest libc6. Your contribution is welcome.

2.3 Other distributions

If you need a glibc-not-hidden package other than provided, contact gfarmfs at gmail.com.

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